Fuba Automotive Electronics City


The strength of Fuba

The strength of Fuba engineering is to design a complete reception system from the start of development until the final homologation of the vehicle. Compliance to customer requirements and legislation will be achieved by our innovative concepts.

Furthermore Fuba engineering offers to act as a system supplier for a complete reception system in the car. With our deep understanding of the reception business, Fuba engineering helps the customer to specify the right system for their cars to achieve an optimized reception quality in day to day use. During the development Fuba engineering will help the customer to find the right packaging in the vehicle and specify together with the customer mechanical and electrical interfaces to the car and other components interacting with our system.

Our global engineering team has a proven track of records to bring innovative and cost effective solution to the market. Today worldwide more than 100 engineers focus on the following customer benefits

- Leading edge of reception performance in the car
- Efficient development tools and processes leading to reduced time-to-market and development cost
- Certified development processes ensure an outstanding quality performance
- Professional project management to customer
- One simultaneous development team creating your solution from start of project until homologation of the vehicle and start of production

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