Fuba Automotive Electronics City


Our mission is to provide our customers
worldwide with best- in-class quality products

Supplying the regional markets out of our global plants

Utilizing the benefits of each region
Highly automated facilities in Germany to supply the markets with highest quality products
Using benefits of best cost production in markets outside Europe

All production worldwide is according
to the standards of IATF 16949 and ISO 14001

Flexible operations to support high mix portfolio
Standardized quick change over processes enables the business to support a high
product mix (e.g. over 1,000 products are produced at Bad Salzdetfurth)

Highly skilled workforce
Operators and support maintenance are highly trained and dedicated
to ensure maximum machine utilization

Consistent utilization of innovation &
continuous Improvement methodologies

Our experts dominate the worldwide acknowledged innovation and
continuous improvement tools like Kaizen, 5 S, Lean, Six Sigma, Shainin

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